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More Garages in Columbia’s Future?

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When it comes to parking garages, people either love ’em or hate ’em. But no matter where you fall in the argument, if you live, work or play in downtown Columbia, you are about to become more dependent on structured parking. Chalk it up to the growing pains of a growing city.

With the downtown building boom back on track after the recent recession, people’s parking habits will have to change, officials say. Traditional surface lots are filling up with new buildings – particularly in and around the University of South Carolina campus – and motorists will have little choice but to head to parking garages.

That prospect doesn’t sit well with about half the populace, according to a very informal social media and man-on-the-street sample conducted by The State.

“I don’t like walking through them by myself, that’s for sure,” said USC student Brooke Hesano, 26, who is from suburban Detroit. “They’re smelly and creepy and cold and dark. It’s like Gotham City.”


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