Rock Hill Considering Self Storage Moratorium


self-storage3The city of Rock Hill could close the door on new self-storage and mini warehouse businesses for six months.

The Rock Hill City Council voted Monday night to put a moratorium on new storage sites, and to limit areas where they might be allowed in the future. Both votes were preliminary, and each require a second vote before they are final.

“I don’t know if this is a fad or what, but it’s just been a proliferation of these things popping up inside the city and outside the city,” said Councilman John Black.

City attorney Paul Dillingham, who presented the two proposals to council for an initial vote, said the moratorium would be 180 days. It would give the city manager and planning staff time to study zoning rules and districts, he said. They could consider zoning changes to make sure storage sites are “compatible with existing businesses” in their area, he said.


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