Why Hire Out-of-State Property Tax Consultants?


appeal approvedI get that it is easier to deal with a single point of contact for property tax representation, but some of these national companies do a poor job on properties less than $1.5 million. I recently handled a successful appeal for a community bank and during my research discovered many other branch banks that are over-assessed. When I reached out to the real estate manager for a regional bank, I was told that a firm out of Dallas handles their property tax work. That firm probably does a decent job on the bank’s $40 million headquarters building, but they aren’t going to make the same effort on a 4,500 square foot suburban branch bank. They just aren’t. If you manage a bank’s real estate, I would welcome the opportunity to review your property list. I am very confident that I can reduce your property taxes.

Michael Dodds, MAI, CCIM   (803) 960-8783

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