Are Zillow Zestimates Actually Appraisals With a “Z”?


NoZillowWhen Barbara Andersen listed her home for sale in Glenview, Illinois, this was not the first time that the real estate litigation attorney had listed her home for sale, with an asking price listed well above its Zestimate value. Anderson alleges that Zillow’s estimates have severely impacted her ability to sell and that the property is being unfairly calculated based upon inferior surrounding real estate that was built within a close proximity to a graveyard, and also located nearby a “less desirable” golf course.

The key allegations of the complaint are the poor quality of the real estate website’s estimates, and the problematic influence over prospective buyers viewing these estimates. According to paragraph 13 of the complaint “a tremendous roadblock to same has been the fact the Zillow posts a ‘Zestimate’ of person’s homes without their permission, consent and/or any license to do so.” Further, she alleges that Zillow’s Zestimate is “a sloppy computer-driven appraisal of the home.”


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