Tax Credit Marketplace, LLC Announces $13 million 2016 Fund Closing


TCMGreenville, SC-based Tax Credit Marketplace, LLC (“TCM”) announces the successful closing of the 2016 SC Revitalization Tax Credit Fund, LLC (“2016 Fund”).

The 2016 Fund invested in a variety of qualifying development projects, which generated approximately $13 million in South Carolina income tax credits. The 40 investors in the Fund utilized these tax credits to reduce their SC Tax liability. The 2016 Fund included projects from multiple asset classes, including hospitality and distribution centers.

“TCM has multiple projects under review for its 2017 and 2018 funds and is currently seeking additional qualifying projects statewide to invest in,” According to Michael Wolf, VP of Development for TCM. “Based on an increasing investor demand and development momentum, we expect future funds to be significantly larger than the 2016 Fund”.

Developers and property owners understand that they can create a competitive advantage by properly utilizing the SC Revitalization Acts (“Acts”) to attract additional capital for their projects. These projects often generate more Tax Credits than a developer or property owner can personally utilize. TCM is able to offer developers/property owners the opportunity to monetize these excess Tax Credits, resulting in cash flow that would otherwise be missed.

The Revitalization Acts encourage private investment to alleviate adverse real estate conditions such as abandoned and historic buildings. The Acts also make it easier for developers and communities to enhance nearby property values, create local jobs, and form the “sense of place” that has become such an important factor in deciding where we live, work, and play. Effectively, the state has decided to underwrite the rebirth and redevelopment of SC cities and towns.

“The Acts for all four types of Tax Credits have been updated, extended, and/or enhanced in the past 2 years. Most notably, the utilization periods for some of the Tax Credits have been shortened from 5 years to 3 years, and the Tax Credits are no longer limited to 50 percent of a taxpayer’s SC tax liability. They can now be applied to 100 percent of the liability” says TCM Chief Operating Officer Josh Workman. “SC communities, developers, property owners and credit investors have definitely benefited from these revisions.”

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