Look What’s Happening in Greenville, NC


greenville_ncBy the end of the decade, an investment of more than $1 billion will change the way people live, work and play in Greenville.

Much of that transformation will be focused on turning Greenville’s downtown district — an area whose heyday passed decades ago — back into a vibrant, modern center.

Within a few years, Greenville’s warehouse district, a deteriorating area with its roots in the tobacco industry, will be host to multi-story mixed-use residential developments; restaurants, shops and full-production breweries will open for business in downtown storefronts; and a 25-acre park along the Tar River will become a center for recreation with amenities like a playground, splash park and ziplines.

By 2020, local officials said, current residents of the city will have a hard time remembering what Greenville looked like in 2016.

“People will look at the city in a few years and be amazed at how much Greenville has changed,” City Manager Barbara Lipscomb said. “People will barely recognize the city they are living in today.”

The city, East Carolina University, the N.C. Department of Transportation and private investors will complete more than a dozen major development projects in Greenville’s downtown district by 2020. Several of the projects already are under construction, and more construction is scheduled to begin in the fall.


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