How About a 10,000 Room Hotel with 70 Restaurants?


saudi hotelAnything dubbed “world’s largest” is sure to be over-the-top, but the $3.5 billion hotel under construction in Mecca is redefining extravagant.

The Abraj Kudai, which is owned by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance, will feature 12 towers, 10,000 rooms, and upwards of 70 restaurants. That’s more dining options than many towns have.

Entire floors of this 1.4 million square meter complex are to be dedicated to royal guests, and helipads will be added to sections of its roof. And there will be a full-size convention center—inside the hotel.

Aside from becoming the largest hotel in the world by room count, Abraj Kudai would also house one of the world’s largest domes atop its tallest tower.

The hotel is planned to open in 2017, but national economic issues may delay the project to 2018. Either way, there’s plenty of time to start saving for a stay in one of the hotel’s five-star towers.

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