Revitalization Efforts Make a New, Bustling Columbia


rent cafeColumbia is one of only five American cities that is home to both the state capital and the state university. Toss in a pinch of wonderful Southern charm (cuisine included), a lively progressive arts scene, plus the nation’s largest U.S. Army training facility in nearby Fort Jackson and you have a lively stew of ideas, commerce, and adventure.

The Palmetto State’s largest city has always drawn its influences from the coastal Lowcountry and the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Upcountry to create South Carolina’s most diverse architecture. And Columbia’s only getting better with all the new development that’s been going on in the city in the last few years.

Care to see what’s new in the city of Columbia? We have dialed up Google Street View to check in on the latest exciting changes. Join us for a close-up view of the biggest and boldest projects reshaping the Columbia streetscape that have been completed sometime in the last 8 years.


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