Myrtle Beach Mall to Launch $30 Million Redevelopment


Myrtle Beach MallA well-located, 30-year-old mall is about to undergo a major overhaul and add a much-needed shopping, dining and entertainment alternative in the Myrtle Beach marketplace.

According to Misuma Holdings and Peak Financial Partners, Myrtle Beach Mall will launch a full redevelopment in 2017.

“This is one of the most under-utilized retail locations in Myrtle Beach,” said Allan Davidov, founder and partner of Misuma Holdings. “Nearly 400,000 residents live within in the trade area that boast more than 17 million annual tourists. We plan to take full advantage of the proximity to the intercostal and 95 area golf courses and deliver an open-air, engaging retail, restaurant and entertainment district. The intent is not to compete with the existing retail and entertainment in the market, but to offer a unique alternative.”

Gil Priel, president of Peak Financial Partners, added, “We are creating an environment to shop, eat and spend time for both permanent residents of the area as well as our tourists. We recognize the rapid growth in our area and want to maximize this prime location and make it a true destination.”


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