The House that Augusta National’s Millions Can’t Buy


augusta national houseAugusta National has an incredible way of making things disappear. Trees. Houses. Roads. If the most powerful golf club on earth wants something, it buys it, and it has spent the past 15 years gobbling up the property around its borders.

An entire neighborhood once sat across from Gate 6-A at the Masters. The golf club spent more than $40 million to bulldoze it into a free parking lot, and now all that remains now is the simple three-bedroom house at 1112 Stanley Road that Herman and Elizabeth Thacker built in 1959.

They raised their two children there, and as that family expanded to including five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, they still found a way to cram everybody inside those simple brick walls for the holidays.

They love it here. And so, when the man representing that powerful golf club came to inquire about buying their home to expand their parking lot, their message was polite but forceful: Thanks, but no thanks. “We really don’t want to go,” Elizabeth Thacker said.


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