WestRock Endows Land Conservancy, will Protect 53,000 Acres in East Edisto


westrock logoWestRock pledged Thursday to protect more than 53,000 acres from development within its 72,000-acre East Edisto tract, which straddles Charleston and Dorchester counties.

WestRock has endowed the newly created East Edisto Conservancy with $1.6 million for ongoing conservation and protection of the land, the company announced during a news conference.

As part of WestRock’s conservation plan, which was announced last year, a five-member board has been created for the conservancy. The board will monitor and enforce density restrictions, such as preventing development along the Edisto River and ensuring low rural densities — one house per 25 acres in many areas — on the remaining land. East Edisto spans a 19-mile breadth from Hollywood to Summerville, running from the Edisto River east to S.C. Highway 165 and crossing three major watersheds.

East Edisto has been in the planning stages for nearly a decade. WestRock, formerly MWV, planned the community with a focus on recruiting jobs and residents through commercial developments, a housing community and green spaces. Plans included maintaining rural areas and farmsteads.


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