CRE Tech: Shopping for a Drone?


djiphantom4cChina’s DJI Technology has roughly 70% of the $2 billion consumer drone market, having sold around 700,000 of its ubiquitous white quad-rotor drones last year. And if a demo Tuesday in New York City is any indication, the company is about to sell quite a few more.

The unveiling of DJI’s latest consumer drone, the Phantom 4, shows a company comfortable with its hold on the drone market and unconcerned with increasing industry talk of commoditization within the market. Building on the big sales of previous DJI drones, the Phantom 4 includes a range of new onboard sensors and computing capabilities that make it easy to pilot and very difficult to crash. At $1,399, it’s a high-priced product in a category where sub-$500 consumer drones are now commonplace.

DJI is betting that the Phantom 4 will elevate it above those low-cost newcomers piling into the consumer drone market while making it more difficult for legacy competitors like Berkeley-based 3D Robotics to differentiate themselves.


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