Which Presidential Candidate has the Most Real Estate Industry Donors?


bag-of-saved-money2The real estate industry, which traditionally supports Republican candidates and conservative causes, is reaching across the aisle this election cycle.

Contributors involved in the real estate business are firmly behind the presidential bid of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan group that tracks federal campaign contributions.

The group reports that Clinton has raised $2.69 million during this election cycle, over one million more than the second-strongest fundraiser, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who raised $1.65 million.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, did not gain a lot of monetary support from his peers. The real estate tycoon received just $52,998 in contributions. He has mostly funded his own campaign. In January, he infused $4.9 million into his presidential bid, supplementing the money from donors, which amounted to less than $1 million.

The total campaign contributions, which are based on Federal Election Commission data, were calculated by the Center for Responsive Politics from individual and PAC contributions that exceed $200.


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