Too Many Hotel Rooms in Charleston?


hotel question markTo many people who live and work on peninsula Charleston, the last several years have felt like a hospitality sprint. In one recent week the Board of Zoning Appeals approved plans for four new hotels.

There are now 4,826 hotel rooms that are operational or under construction. Eleven more hotels — 763 rooms — have the required zoning approvals. And the number of visitors to book those rooms just keeps growing.

So while a proposed hotel moratorium proved to be unacceptable to Charleston City Council on Tuesday, every member agreed to have city staff research the issue for the next 90 days and report their findings. It was a wise move, supported by preservationists and neighborhood groups.

The city did a major, year-long study of hotels three years ago and significantly limited the places where hotels could be built and, in some cases, their size. But since then, Charleston’s profile has increased considerably. Hotels have been completed and the city is getting real experience dealing with the growth.



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