Is Student Housing at East Carolina Overbuilt?


college housingAs more student housing projects come to Uptown Greenville, some people are concerned there could soon be too much student housing.

Sidewalk Development is building a new $32 million student and market-rate apartment complex along Dickinson Avenue which Greenville city councilmember P.J. Connelly said is a “win-win” for the developer and the city. “It’s a good project, and I think it’s going to help out that area over on Dickinson Avenue,” Connelly said. “I know when I first came to school here 10 years ago, there wasn’t anything on Dickinson Avenue.”

There also wasn’t as many student apartments as there are now which are spread out across the city. Most of the new housing projects are centered around Uptown including The Boundary at West End.

With more projects coming to the area, property manager Chelsey Harper said she’s ready for the competition. “I don’t think it will really affect us much,” Harper said. “It will probably affect those who are on the perimeter, on the outskirts of Greenville.”



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