Higher-Priced Home Sales Up in Myrtle Beach


MB mansionThe Grand Strand’s real estate year has started just the way you’d want in a healthy market, with a modest rebound in numbers of sales — up 2.6 percent in January over December for single-family homes — and a median price up 8.2 percent to more than $196,000, according to a monthly report from SiteTech Systems, which tracks the local real estate market.

Condo sales were down 3.9 percent during the month after a year of modest growth, the report said, but the median price rose 18.6 percent to $116,500 in January.

While homes priced between $121,000 and $500,000 all hit historic peaks for numbers of sales in 2015, at least some of the area’s real estate watchers are watching as well the strength of sales for homes priced at more than $500,000.

The numbers of upper-end homes sold are modest compared with lower-priced homes, but the annual percentage increase for sales of homes at $500,000 and above harkens back to the Wild West days of the last decade.



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