Beaufort County Examines Affordable Housing


affordable housingA 36-year-old single mother of two with a $15-an-hour retail job and no health insurance has only $137 per month after paying for rent, bills and groceries she picks up at a food bank.

A 48-year-old, HIV-positive single woman, attending college and looking for permanent housing, cannot afford to pay all of her bills and prescriptions, even after receiving a Social Security disability check and help from an organization with her rent.

And four first-year teachers at the same school, whose average salaries are $34,400, have to work second and third jobs to get by. Statistically, two of them won’t return to teach in Beaufort County next year.

Those are three real-life examples of the need for more affordable housing, representatives from the Lowcountry Affordable Housing Coalition told Beaufort County Council last week. Coalition members said they hope to partner with council to create affordable housing opportunities throughout the county.

It’s hardly a new concept, coalition facilitator Deborah Johnson said. In the county’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan, one of the key priorities is ensuring affordable housing for all residents.



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