Clemson Economist Predicts Slight Interest Rate Increase


upward-graphBruce Yandle, Clemson University alumni distinguished professor emeritus of economics, expects the Federal Reserve to “nudge up the interest rate just a bit at its December meeting.” He said that between now and 2018, the nation will see real gross domestic product growth between 2.2% and 3.0% followed by “a slowing economy, an old-fashioned credit crunch,” in late 2018.

Yandle anticipates the interest rate will increase slightly because of a strong employment report in the Southeastern region, specifically in what he called Charlanta, the area between Charlotte and Atlanta. Yandle gave his remarks at the fourth annual Dixon Hughes Goodman Greenville Executive Briefing Series at the Marriott on Tuesday.

“If the Fed raises the federal funds rate, over which they have some control, they will, in a sense, be endorsing what the market already has done,” Yandle said. “But of course intervening events, such as the Paris tragedy, could affect what the market sees in the way of interest rates, but I’m sort of betting that this time we will see that move up for the first time since the great recession.”

Yandle expects real GDP growth of 2.2% to 3% in 2016.



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