Greenville Development Exceeding Leaders’ Expectations


Main Street GreenvilleThe pace of development in Greenville, particularly on the west side, is moving faster than leaders say they were prepared, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing anytime soon. In fact, if plans for an expansive new park on the city’s west side along the Reedy River are any indication, the pace is only going to pick up.

The news is good for the growing tax base and a renewed sense of interest in downtown.

Along the way, however, one basic idea has been mentioned in passing amid the development but not fully explored: What will happen to the people who already live in these new real estate hotspots?
Now, the city is asking for help — and from the outside.

“We’ve got to get a grip on it,” City Councilwoman Lillian Brock Flemming said recently in a city meeting to discuss the topic. “This, to me, is a serious situation that we must have the best and highest type of consultants come in here and give us a full plan.”


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