Columbia’s Killian’s Crossing Finally Coming to Fruition


KilliansCrossingIt’s mostly quiet at the vast, sprawling parcel overlooking Killian Road in Northeast Columbia. A lone excavator sits idle while businessmen and local leaders chat amongst themselves nearby.

But if all goes according to plan, things will not be so quiet in the coming weeks, months and years. Those same officials broke ground last month on a new Kroger Marketplace at the long-awaited Killian’s Crossing, a $716 million development which has tapped the grocer as a cornerstone in bringing the 400-acre village to life.
“To see a pioneering development like this Kroger is going to be huge,” said Torrey Rush, chairman of the Richland County Council. “This is really going to spark this development and I can see in a few years that this place will definitely be bustling.”

First marketed in 2006 but sidelined by the economic downturn, the area started showing its first true signs of life last year when roads were paved and surrounding outparcels sold off to fast-food restaurants. The rising of a 124,000-square-foot grocery store, however, marks the first significant construction in the project’s master plan.



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