Myrtle Beach Apartment Under Construction


carolina oaksOn Thursday, construction crews were in the process of leveling an area by Oak Street to develop some prime real estate in downtown Myrtle Beach. The lot is being developed into an affordable, low-income housing complex for people in Myrtle Beach.

A representative for the developer confirmed it will be affordable housing, an option for people who have jobs and want to live downtown but can’t quite afford steep close-to-the-beach prices.

The complex is going to be called Carolina Oaks Village. It was the first week construction crews broke ground working to clear all the overgrown land and trees so that they can bring in the equipment and put up the buildings and pave the parking lot. The plans also include a community building for the people who will live there. The representative for the developer said it will take a year to finish the complex.

Businesses next door said the lot has a tendency to attract homeless people who set up camp, and sometimes hang around business parking lots. On top of the lot being an eyesore, that’s one reason they fully support development.


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