York County Reassessment Notices Have Been Sent


tax appealReassessment notices are being mailed this week to about 115,000 property owners, according to York County Assessor Teresa Simmons.

The notices reflect the new value of all property in York County valued by the Assessor’s Office. Notice of Assessments for manufacturing property will be mailed by the S.C. Department of Revenue later. The taxpayer has 90 days from the date of the notice to appeal their value.

The assessment notices are provided so taxpayers can review the value, assessment ratio and offer objections or corrections. The amount of taxes will not be known until the budgets are approved and the millage rates set, usually around the end of September. The tax notices are mailed around the middle of October. However, property owners who object to the new valuation of their property must appeal within 90 days of the date of the reassessment notice. Property owners can’t wait until receiving their tax notice later this year to appeal.

If you need assistance with determining whether to appeal a reassessment of a commercial property, please email Dale Stigamier, with Integrity Real Estate Advisors, at

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