More Student Housing for Columbia


main and college housingA developer has filed plans with the City of Columbia for a 15 story building for student housing near the University of South Carolina.

The project would go up at Main and College Streets where the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and Sandy’s currently sit.

Memphis based collegiate housing company EdR has filed a zoning appeal with the city to allow the property to exceed the city’s ordinance that sets a maximum of beds per acre for a private dorm. Current rules would only allow 189 beds on the site. EdR wants to place 704 beds on the site. The building would contain approximately 246 units with just over half of them being four bedroom units.

Plans also call for retail space and offices for the Baptist Collegiate Ministries. A parking garage would also be built into part of the dormitory building. The garage would hold enough space for 578 cars, 182 bicycles, and 9 scooter spaces.

Developers went before the Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday to present their request for zoning exceptions. Members of the board did not make any decisions on the project’s request.


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