Should Background Checks Be Run on All Appraisers


i found you!The Appraisal Institute announced March 11 that it has analyzed and compiled all state licensing and certification statutes and regulations pertaining to background checks for applicants seeking appraiser credentials and published them in the special report “State Requirements Regarding Background Checks for Real Estate Appraisers.”

AI’s analysis shows that 42 states have enacted background check statutes or regulations of some form for real estate appraisers. Only 10 states had background check requirements in place prior to 2011, which is when the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) first included background checks as part of the minimum qualifications criteria. The AQB will consider additional changes to background check requirements at a public hearing March 20.

Most states require fingerprint-based formal background checks/criminal history records checks, but only a handful of states require an additional background check at each renewal period. However, many states require appraisers to submit new fingerprints and undergo new background checks when upgrading their credentials from trainee to licensed/certified, from licensed to certified residential/general or from certified residential to certified general.

Additionally, 21 states require appraisers to undergo background check/criminal history records checks before obtaining a credential by reciprocity, but only nine state require background checks for temporary practice permits.

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