More Student Housing for Clemson


college housingWant Chinese? Head over to Asian Delight in the Clemson Shopping Center on U.S. 76. In the mood for Mexican? Monterrey is just a few steps away. Or maybe you’re hankering for a quick hot dog or two with some ‘tater chips. Skins is open for business around the corner. But not for long.

Those restaurants and 10 other businesses ranging from a scuba shop to a medical infusion center have been given orders to get out by April 18.

The 1960’s vintage shopping center, which came into being when shopping centers were the new thing and once boasted an A&P grocery store, a Garrett’s clothing store and a variety store called Mack’s, will be gone soon. In its place will rise a housing project with rooms for 494 Clemson students, two swimming pools, two sand volleyball courts, and a bocce ball court. It will also have space for a restaurant and offices for the company that will be managing the site.

Unless City Council doesn’t go along with the recommendation of the city’s Planning Commission.


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