Mount Pleasant to Limit Apartments?


mount pleasant mapMount Pleasant is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with construction projects popping up all over the municipality north of the peninsula, but that might change according to Mayor Linda Page.

She says the percentage of multi-family dwellings is encroaching on the zoning limit of 30%. The city’s residential zoning plan aims to maintain a 70% home to 30% apartment ratio to mitigate overcrowding among other things.

As of Monday, the city has 10 newly approved or under construction apartments totaling more than 2500 units. Mayor Page says projects are still given the green light because there is such a high demand for them.”There’s challenges with saying we’re going to limit something, said Page, “That’s the problem with permit allocation or moratoriums a lot of it has to do with underlying zoning and what’s actually already allowed on the property.”

Mount Pleasant Town Council tell News 2 the percentage of apartments is close to the limit, but large housing developments already under construction like Carolina Park, Oyster Point, and others may naturally balance out the apartment to house ratio.


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