Columbia Exploring Air Rights Over Parking Garages


parking_garage_entranceThe city of Columbia wants to see if it can put together a public-private partnership to determine whether the air space over six city-owned parking garages is suitable for economic development opportunities.

The city has advertised a Request For Proposals to see if developers are interested in commercial development above the parking garages, all located in the downtown area.

“This is an RFP which could result in a developer or developers being chosen to develop residential/commercial space above one or more of the six existing garages listed … or future parking decks owned by the city,” said Leshia Utsey, city spokeswoman. “The city would provide air rights and any development would generate new property taxes and other revenues for the city as well as having an economic development impact in the area of the garage.”

Projects that could be built on top of the garages include retail stores, restaurants, offices and non-student residential units.


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