Five Story Clemson Development Approved


The city Board of Architectural Review approved revised plans Tuesday for developer Tom Winkopp’s proposed Dukes Centre project, despite objections from neighboring residents.

The proposed five-story, 155,000-square-foot mix of retail and residential space at 386 College Ave. would include a six-story parking building. Project opponents previously asked the city to stop the review board from hearing Winkopp’s request. Virginia Carner, a Clemson resident, read a letter addressed to City Council into the record last week at a council meeting. The letter stated the review board acted improperly in planning to review Winkopp’s proposed changes.

“Rather than wait for a decision of the court … Mr. Winkopp submitted another application to the BAR for final review of new alterations to the Dukes Centre project. …What is the rush?” Carner read.

Winkopp has filed a motion requesting that Judge Letitia Verdin suspend current legal proceedings against his project on the grounds that design changes made to the Dukes Centre will render the group’s lawsuit moot, Carner said. The citizen group had asked the judge to rule on its lawsuit before any design changes are approved.


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