A $78,000 Gingerbread House?


You know what would really impress your guests this holiday season? A custom gingerbread house worth $77,910.

The house is being offered to customers who would like it built as a small-scale model of their own home. It will be baked with premium ingredients and come donned with 150 real pearls and a ruby, which the buyer can keep after the neighborhood kids are done gnawing on its fancy walls.

The deal is being offered by VeryFirstTo, a luxury products company, which has teamed up with London-based baker Georgia Green of Georgia’s Cakes.

Whether the house ends up being a millionaire’s chalet in France or a McMansion in Florida, Green is ready for the challenge.

“I’ve made architecture models before,” she said. This will be the first time she’s using precious gems on a creation.Green said the ingredients, which are fair trade and organic, will cost her about £100, or about $150. The accompanying 150 white South Sea pearls come in at a total cost of $44,850 and the five-carat Mozambique ruby has a value of $7,800.


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