What Exactly Do Apartment Renters Want?


As moving season kicks into high gear, renters have many factors to consider in their decision-making process when searching for an apartment. Apartments.com recently conducted a national survey of more than 2,500 renters to help get a better understanding about why people rent, as well as gain insight into what it would take to motivate them to move immediately, and which specific aspects of renting are the most important when choosing where to live.

As a result of high demand for rentals, the incentives and special offers apartment communities offer to renters have decreased dramatically in recent years. Back in 2009 when the vacancy rate was at a 23-year high, The Wall Street Journal reported “some landlords are showering flat-screen TVs, cash, rent cuts and other incentives on tenants to encourage them to renew their apartment leases.” There is a sharp contrast today, as concessions and incentives are nonexistent in some hot rental markets.


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