Clemson to Complete $96 Million Project by 2016


Clemson University’s ongoing $96 million core campus project, which will demolish and replace three major buildings in the middle of the school’s campus, has a 2016 completion date, according to the project’s architecture firm.

The 700-bed project will include 179,000 square feet of residential space, 76,000 square feet of dining space and 5,000 square feet of academic space for a total 260,000 square feet.

The facility will be used as the new home for the 400-student Calhoun Honors College and will include central lounge space, study rooms, a library space, a grand hall and two classroom spaces, according to the university’s project page.

The project was approved by Clemson University’s Board of Trustees and the S.C. Budget and Control Board earlier this year, and is part of the university’s 20-year housing master plan, which includes replacing aging buildings that are functionally or financially obsolete.


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