Internet Speed an Important Amenity for Students


The most important student housing amenity is robust, high-capacity Internet, which some may refer to colloquially as Ethernet. According to survey data released at both the 6th Annual InterFace Student Housing conference and the 2014 Annual Broadband Communities Summit, internet connectivity tops pools, fancy clubhouses, and in some cases, location. What does this phenomenon mean to the student housing property owner, developer and manager? How do property owners ensure that they are not just meeting, but exceeding students’ needs? Some say it is all about bandwidth, and properties simply need more and more bandwidth. This article shares, in non-technical terms, what InfiniSys Electronic Architects see as the best way to use connectivity to lead to a happy student resident population.

InfiniSys Electronic Architects philosophy is best illustrated through a water system. Ever take a hot shower when someone else flushes the toilet only to be scalded? This is typically caused by a poorly designed water system with pipes and/or pumps that are too small.


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