Richland County Reassessment Appeal Deadline Approaching


Owners of properties in Richland County have until May 23rd to appeal their new 2014 taxable value. Property owners cannot simply complain that their property tax is too high; they must present evidence that the assessor’s value is incorrect, and support their opinion of market value. Such evidence can come from, for example, a recent appraisal, sale of the property, lease agreement and photographic evidence of the property’s condition. Merely pointing to your neighbor’s property for sale down the street is not adequate.

For most, finding the data to support the appeal is the difficult part. Integrity Real Estate Advisors is a professional firm that can assist you with your commercial property appeal, whether you just need the data, or want someone to handle the entire process. Contact Dale Stigamier, CCIM at (803) 772-9100 for more information.

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