2,000 New Residences for Greenville’s CBD?


Greenville’s mayor sees adding 2,000 condos and apartments to the 2,000 residential units already downtown as the next step in the city’s longtime focus on blending residential, retail and office projects. Mayor Knox White said “when you do it right, it puts people on the streets 24/7.”

“We are going to add another 2,000, just by the end of next year,” he said. White said the challenge a decade ago was attracting people, and focusing on mixed-use development has changed that.

“Our downtown is about people,” White said. “It’s all about the pedestrian experience.”

The mayor of about 19 years said city leaders in 2013 focused mainly on creating “people-friendly” public spaces downtown. White, in a Chat with the Mayor event presented by GSA Business on Thursday, also said there are three downtown hotel projects underway this year, with possibly three more in the planning stages.


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