Rock Hill Wal-Mart Being Challenged


A group of upset Rock Hill residents hope a petition signed by more than 350 people will be enough to persuade city officials to stomp out plans for a Walmart neighborhood market at the corner of Celanese and Ebinport roads.

The city’s Planning Commission meets Tuesday night and is expected to vote on whether to allow Walmart to build a 41,000-square-foot grocery store on Celanese Road – one of Rock Hill’s busiest thoroughfares.

Walmart wants to build the market, a company-run gas station and other shops on about 14 acres between Ebinwood and Ebinport roads. The commercial buildings and a 217-space parking lot would face Celanese Road.

The retail giant’s neighborhood market stores focus primarily on grocery sales but include some hardware, pet products and a pharmacy. Walmart is calling the development “Celanese Station.”



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