Hilton Head Hopes to Simplify Zoning Regs


It made sense in the late 1980s for the newly-incorporated Town of Hilton Head Island to create strict zoning guidelines to slow the onslaught of haphazard, incohesive construction. Some of what was popping up, seemingly overnight, was incompatible with the understated, natural look of the island that residents treasured. And some of it was just downright unattractive and similar to the glitz of Myrtle Beach.

But today is a new day.

The very zoning regulations that saved Hilton Head from overdevelopment are now a an impediment for much-needed renovations of existing buildings.

And let’s be honest. Several of Hilton Head’s commercial areas need sprucing up, particularly if the island wants to preserve its spot as a top-tier tourist destination in an increasingly-competitive market.


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