Spartanburg’s Schuyler Building to be Redeveloped


Spartanburg’s downtown area is picking up steam with the addition of an 88-unit apartment community by Lofts of Greenville developer Pace Burt. The old Schuyler building is getting a needed $5.5 million to $6 million makeover, slated for mid-2014 completion, and will include a rooftop terrace, a fitness center, Venetian ceilings, bamboo cabinets and a plasma screen TV for each unit. With painting around 70% done, the complex should be completed in about six months, said developer Pace Burt.

The building, located at 275 S. Church St., was built in the 1950s to give the area some much-needed housing after World War II. It served as one of two bomb shelters during the Cold War era and, until recently, had served as an ever-deteriorating source of housing for Spartanburg residents. When Burt bought the building, he helped relocated residents over the course of six months. Some, he said, had been there for decades.

“It was a kind of semi-abandoned building in downtown Spartanburg,” said Burt, who came in about a year and a half ago to buy the building. “It really was going into disrepair.”


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