SC: The Beast of the East


Officials say they remember the days when South Carolina was a champion at making textiles and not much else. How times have changed. From automotive to aerospace to energy, and nearly everything in-between, the Palmetto State now has a wardrobe filled with title belts in various manufacturing sectors. Between an unstable economy and neighboring competition, how does it keep delivering knockout punches?

Bobby Hitt recalls a time, not too long ago, when South Carolina was masterful in manufacturing textiles – and not a whole lot more.

However, fast-forward a few chapters on the handheld clicker and you will see that much has changed in the Palmetto State over the last couple of decades.

“I would say, if you ask most people on the street what our calling card is now, it would be various sectors in the automotive and aerospace industries,” Hitt, South Carolina’s Secretary of Commerce, tells Industry Today. “We are also very strong in the energy sector. We have a great utility system in the state, which keeps manufacturers’ costs low. That’s obviously a big attractor.”


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