Gun Manufacturer Purchases NC Building


Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., has selected a new manufacturing plant, and it’s in a very interesting place: nowhere near their Connecticut HQ, their original casting and manufacturing facilities in Newport, NH, or their 1980s-vintage factory in Prescott, Arizona. Instead, it’s located at 271 Cardwell Rd., Mayodan, NC 27027. ‎

The building is a former textile factory that has been vacant for some time. The local area, Rockingham County NC, has been hurting for jobs and the coming of the Ruger plant is likely to be locally celebrated.

If the name Mayodan, NC rings a bell, it’s because it’s very near the location of Remington’s HQ in Madison, NC. To visit the Remington offices, you get off the highway at the Mayodan exit, that’s how close it is.


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