Charleston MHP Site of Proposed Retail Center


Another mobile home park in North Charleston is being eyed for redevelopment, which could mean that up to 29 households in The Gables of Charleston would have to relocate.

A portion of  The Gables, which until last year was called Saddlebrook, would be rezoned and turned into a shopping center, under a proposal submitted to North Charleston. The property is near the intersection of Patriot Boulevard and Ashley Phosphate Road.

“A lot of people here are going to get screwed,” said Clinton Irvin, the owner of a flooring business, who has lived in the mobile home park for 14 years. “It costs a lot to move a mobile home.”

For those who own mobile homes but rent the land they sit upon, like Irvin, unexpected relocation can be a financial disaster, because it costs thousands of dollars to move a mobile home. Others in mobile home parks rent units owned by others.


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