What Can You Build With 93 Shipping Containers?


More than 21,000 shipping containers arrive in the United States on a daily basis. Many of them originate in China, where it is cheaper to build new containers than to ship them back after their maiden voyages. Currently, over 700,000 containers are stockpiled on prime waterfront real estate throughout the U.S. with no use, purpose or method of disposal. But one forward-thinking real estate developer—Three Squared Inc.—is pushing ahead with cargo container residential and commercial construction initiatives, not only finding “homes,” so to speak, for retired cargo containers, but thriving as a company even while the traditional bricks-and-mortar construction industry flounders in the midst of the troubled economy.

Three Squared Inc., a sustainable real estate developer, is currently slated to build over $109 million in projects in the U.S. and abroad over the next two years. The firm, which offers systemized and sustainable construction using shipping containers to create affordable luxury buildings, says that this construction alternative is growing in demand due to its superior cost efficiencies, heightened profitability, minimal building time and an expanding acceptance in the marketplace.


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