Greenville Multi-Family Market Snapshot


Trends in multifamily development and demand mirror both changing mentalities in a post-recession era and dynamic population shifts. There are an estimated 80 million echo boomers (Americans born between 1980 and 1995) that are beginning to move out of their family homes or college dorm rooms and into a very challenging job market. Most rent because they are either unable to buy or they consider owning a home low on the list of their financial goals at this stage in their lives. Even those older than the echo boomers have changed their ideology as it relates to homeownership after suffering through a collapsed housing market. The result of these shifts has kept the demand for multifamily housing high on both local and national levels.

Current apartment developments are also responding to the demand for affordable luxuries. They now offer green efficiencies that will reduce utility bills and access to transit nodes that cut down on gas costs. Amenities such as fitness centers, coffee shops and pools with outdoor areas that allow residents to socialize on-site have become commonplace.


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