Historic Winnsboro School to get New Life


The Mount Zion Institute hasn’t seen a student for 20 years and it shows. There are dozens of broken windows and a leaky roof.

For the last couple of months, there’s been a drive underway to address those problems at the historic property in Winnsboro. But as of last week, supporters of that effort have a new reason to feel optimistic about their chances of success.

It comes courtesy of a Midlands artist who has made quite a name for himself, both in South Carolina and around the globe. And what he has in mind is turning this place back into a school. A place for art education. His name is Dru Blair. From a studio and school located northwest of Columbia, Blair specializes in dramatic renditions of military technology, portraits and products.

He uses a painting technique so precise, it’s sometimes hard to believe the picture you’re seeing is not a photograph.

Last week, Blair told Winnsboro Town Council members he wants to create an art college at Mount Zion.


PS – Please take a moment to check this out. Yes, my mother is helping to drive the redevelopment and I attended kindergarten at Mount Zion… is still a great story. You can follow the redevelopment, and even make a donation to help, by clicking  HERE .

Michael Dodds

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