Kiawah Development Plan Angers Environmentalists


Dolphins feed in the inlet along Captain Sam’s Spit by corralling menhaden in the shallows or onto the bank and leaping after them to feast.

The spit is a feeding ground where pelicans and any number of other shorebirds gather. The teardrop-shaped cape of sand and dunes past Beachwalker Park on Kiawah’s Island’s west end is one of the last undeveloped dunes-and-maritime forest stretches around, a prized scenic getaway for boaters and beachcombers.

Developers also like the land, which they say would be a prime location for a new 50-home community. Environmentalists worry about incremental steps that could push the development proposals to reality.

First, developers wanted a half-mile-long concrete seawall along the inlet bank. Then they wanted a shorter, underground steel wall through Captain Sam’s Spit itself. Now, they want a community dock on the Kiawah River.


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