Flow of Real Estate Capital Surges


Companies and funds reported raising $35.48 billion from investors in the second quarter for real estate-related deals and refinancings.

The amount of funding raised brings the total inflow for the first six months of the year to more than $66.43 billion from approximately 1,075 funds and firms. It took nine months to raise the same amount last year.

CoStar Group tracks the fundraising activity of almost 3,000 entities on an ongoing basis and adds about 125 new entities per month.

Of the money raised in the second quarter, about $5.42 billion was to be used primarily to repay debt, while about $30.5 billion was primarily targeted for investments and acquisitions. Of that amount, approximately 18% or about $5.49 billion was earmarked for non-property-related investments, including debt, mortgage or securities purchases.


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