How the SC Senators Voted on the Point of Sale Law

This from the SC Association of REALTORS…..

Below is a list of the roll call vote to give H.3272 third reading. Largely the vote was down party lines, however, it should be noted that Senators Elliott, Reese, and Setzler broke ranks and voted to support the amendment.

Here is how the vote broke down:
YES – Alexander, Bright, Bryant, Campbell, Campsen, Cleary, Courson, Cromer, Davis, Elliott, Fair, Hayes, Leatherman, L. Martin, S. Martin, Massey, McConnell, Mulvaney, O’Dell, Peeler, Rankin, Reese, Rose, Ryberg, Setzler, Shoopman, Thomas, Verdin

NO – Anderson, Grooms, Hutto, Land, Leventis, Malloy, Matthews, McGill, Nicholson, Pinckney, Scott, Sheheen, Williams

NOT VOTING – Coleman, Ford, Jackson, Knotts and Lourie (Lourie had official leave from the Senate Wednesday)

Please contact your Senator. If your Senator voted yes, your message is:
– THANK YOU for your support, leadership and patience;
– Addressing point of sale is far too important to SC’s economy to let die;
– Please do not give up on this effort; and
– Please help us move this bill forward.
If your Senator voted no, your message is:
– Addressing point of sale is far too important to SC’s economy to let die;
– All parties had agreed to the compromise that was on the table;
– SC Realtors will not relent on this issue;
– Please reconsider your position; and help us move this bill forward.
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