Should You Appeal Your Property Taxes?


Depending upon the county in South Carolina that your property is in, you may still be able to file an appeal of your property tax value. We have been receiving a fair number of calls asking about how various property types have been affected by the credit crunch and economic crisis. There is no generic answer to that question. Yes, all properties have been impacted in some manner, but some more than others.

Some assessors offices do an excellent job at establishing property values. Others? Well, not so well. We offer several methods to assist property owners with their decisions to appeal. First, we do a little research on a consulting basis – an owner doesn’t automatically need an appraisal early in the decision making process. If it is determined that an appeal isn’t reasonable, the property owner has only spent a minimal amount. If the appeal is warranted, we can complete a limited restricted appraisal that can be submitted along with the appropriate appeal forms. The reports will be prepared to federal appraisal requirements and signed by an MAI designated appraiser. The assessors in the state will place more weight on an MAI appraisal than they will a broker price opinion (BPO) or property owner prepared presentation.

If we can assist with your property tax appeal research, please call me at 803-772-8282, extension 110.

Michael Dodds, MAI, CCIM
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