Jasper County Deepwater Marine Terminal Web Site Launched


The Jasper County Chamber of Commerce has launched its Web site for the South Carolina-Georgia joint deepwater marine terminal on the Savannah River, just south of Hardeeville, S.C.

The Web site, by providing updated reports and breaking news on the marine terminal development, will actually help “positively facilitate the growth and movement forward of this port project,” said Sauls, who is a member of the Savannah River Maritime Commission.

“The Jasper County Chamber will work closely with other area chambers, the Lowcountry Economic Network and our legislators to keep the public and business community informed of the port’s progress, as well as work on initiatives to help our businesses prepare for the coming positive growth of the local economy due to the port,” Sauls said.

According to the new Web site, “The Jasper Ocean Terminal will be a new container port on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River. The port will be jointly owned by South Carolina State Ports Authority and Georgia Ports Authority and both states stand to benefit economically from the activity of this project.

The S.C. State Ports Authority has approved providing $3 million of additional funding to the Joint Project Office (JPO) for the development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal, located on a 1,515-acre parcel of land formerly owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Preliminary market studies place the port’s potential impact on the area’s economy at $2.3 billion.

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