What is a "Megasite" and Does South Carolina Need One?


Following Tennessee’s recent success in drawing a new Volkswagen plant to a 1,350-acre site near Chattanooga, there has been a lot of talk about South Carolina’s lack of “megasites”. What exactly is a megasite? Most economic development officials seem to define a megasite as:

1.) having over 1,000 acres, although some say over 1,250 acres
2.) being fully served by utilities of adequate capacity to serve a large manufacturing operation
3.) being available for immediate sale
4.) having no natural (wetlands) or man-made (roads) features to affect development potential

The size of the site is important, buy the key appears to be able to allow the target company to begin construction immediately. No extending utilities……….no rezoning applications……..no wetlands mitigation – just start building.

One such megasite appears to have local residents wondering if their megasite is good enough. This article highlights the concern over the unsold megasite in Pooler, Georgia.



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