Pavilion Site to Remain Off-Limits to Recreation


July 8, 2008

By Steve Porter – The Herald

The 11-acre site that used to be where the Pavilion pumped out the sounds of rollercoasters and German organs and the smells of popcorn and hot dogs, now lies fallow in the middle of Myrtle Beach.

Only the occasional stray cat or dog is seen roaming through the ragged grass that grows from one end to the other.

A casual glance at the property might give the impression it would be a great place for a pick-up wiffle-ball game or maybe some touch football, or maybe even a barbeque … but such is not the case.

The Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation which has the responsibility for renovating the urban center of the city, has been asking the owner of the property to consider some alternative uses for the expanse of grass bounded by 8th Avenue North and 9th Avenue North between the beach and Kings Highway, with special emphasis on the plot between the beach and Ocean Boulevard.

There have been discussions, but DNR executive director David Sebok said that the owner, Burroughs & Chapin, has not responded to any significant extent.

There’s no indication of when the company might come forth with either support for a temporary use for the property, or a plan for a permanent use.

In the meantime, the portion where the amusement rides were located remains completely off limits to even casual strollers.



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